Workshops are a method to train coaches, event supervisors, volunteers, and more. These sessions could cover a variety of topics including: how to prepare for events, how to run events, how to fund and manage a team, or how to get involved in Science Olympiad. Michigan Science Olympiad hosts an annual coaches workshop in the Fall, and some regions offer similar opportunities (for everyone) as well. Inquire with your regional director if there are other upcoming events specific to your region.

10/21/2019 MSO Web Meeting for New Coaches

10/26/2019 Thurston Coaches Clinic – Redford, MI

11/6/2019 TI Detector Webinar 7pm EST

11/11/2019 MSO Web Meeting for New Coaches

11/16/2019 Oakland County Science Olympiad Student & Coaches Workshop

11/23/2019  Detector Building Workshop – Haslett High School

12/7/2019 Michigan Science Olympiad Coaches Clinic – Michigan State University