Start a Team

If you have made the decision to start a Science Olympiad team, congratulations!  A dedicated Head Coach has a great influence on the success of the team.  In broad terms, these are the topics and tasks that you will need to manage:

  • Recruiting students and the help of others
  • Registering your team with Michigan SO and the appropriate regional organization
  • Assigning students to specific competitive events
  • Locating information, material resources and training opportunities
  • Setting a budget and arranging financing for your team
  • Communicating with your team and creating accountability
  • Identifying opportunities for team recognition and building team identity
  • Maintaining year-to-year continuity

We offer a  New Coach Handbook which goes into more depth on these topics and more.

You also might identify an experienced Head Coach who is willing to serve as your mentor.  Your Regional Director may be able to connect you with such an individual.  If you are looking for advice, your Regional Director would also be a great person to begin with.