Membership Policies

Science Olympiad is organized into 3 divisions: Division A (Elementary), Division B (Middle School) and Division C (High School).  All Michigan schools which wish to participate in Divisions B or C must register their team with Michigan Science Olympiad.

In general, each school may have one team (your Primary team).  If more than 15 students wish to compete at an Invitational or Regional tournament, the school must also register an Alternate team, and may include an additional 15 students.  Opportunities for Alternate teams to compete are determined by the policies set by your local tournament organizer.

Unless explicitly stated here, Michigan has adopted the National Science Olympiad policies regarding team formation and membership.  This includes policies for home schools and virtual schools, and the allowable grades for each division.  If you have questions, please begin by reviewing the National policies.  Teams which violate membership policies risk disciplinary action.

Code of Ethics
Science is not the only thing that students learn in Science Olympiad.  Good sportsmanship is also an important aspect of the program.    Please review the Science Olympiad code of ethics.