Financial Summary

Expense Estimate

Michigan Science Olympiad brings together the resources required to register all Michigan teams, provide workshops, and deliver the state tournament each year.  The cost of Science Olympiad activities at the state level totals over $300,000 each year, of which, two-thirds are donated as in-kind contributions from volunteers and Michigan State University.  This does not include the activities that occur in each of the 15 Michigan regions, where we monitor the quality of the state-wide program, and assist as needed.

Our cash budget is projected to be about $100,000. That expense will be covered by revenue from team registrations, workshop fees, and sponsorships.


How is sponsorship money spent?
Expense AllocationOur expenses include the costs of recruiting and registering teams, purchasing medals and trophies, covering a portion of the expenses incurred by event supervisors, and printing the tournament program.  Those expenses which are not covered by in-kind donations must be paid with cash.  Financial sponsors serve an important role by helping us cover those expenses.