Below is a set of frequently asked questions regarding Michigan Science Olympiad registration, policy, and website functionality.


Q: How do I contact MiSO?
A: You may contact MiSO through email using the contact form located at About MiSO > Contact Us. Fill out the required fields and click send to submit your message. Selecting the relevant department will ensure your message is received and addressed efficiently.

Website / Technical

Q: How do I reset my password for the Michigan Science Olympiad website?
A: Click the login button on the right hand menu or navigate to Registration > My Account. At the bottom of the username and password box, click Lost your password?. Enter your username or email in the text field and click the Reset Password button to receive an email with instructions on how to change your password. (Check spam or junk mail folders if the email is not in your inbox. Email should send within 10 minutes.) If you’re already logged in, navigate to Registration > My Account and click Account Details in the left side menu. Complete the password change box and click Save Changes.

Q: The website does not allow me to checkout using PayPal. What should I do?
A: First, try clearing your browser’s cache, site data, and cookies. If this does not work, try another web browser. Our website should work on the most up to date versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari. If you are using a network connection with restricted access, also verify PayPal.com is not blocked.

Q: I have already checked out. Why are the same items from my order appearing in my cart?
A: If you have received an order confirmation email or successfully paid through PayPal, your order has been received. You can manually remove these items from your cart. The website may cache your cart’s data and display it again. Manually removing the items will insure they are removed for good.

Q: How do I create a user account?
A: User accounts can only be created through the checkout process on this website. After your first checkout, you may use that username and password for all future logins, registrations, and purchases.

Q: My school is not listed, or has incorrect information.  What should I do? 
A: Please contact us to let us know.  We can usually have your school added to our inventory in less than a day.  Thanks for your help in keeping our listings current.

Q: I have already registered an Alternate team but have enough students that we could have another Alternate team.  Are we allowed to do that?  The Registration page doesn’t allow it.
A: Yes, you may register more than one Alternate team.  Please contact us to let us know of your need, and we will make the necessary website adjustment.  Great job!