Event Information

Welcome to the 2021 Science Olympiad!   The official list of competitive events has been announced!  See also the Code of Ethics & General Rules.

There are many resources available to help your event teams prepare.  A good place to start is the National Science Olympiad website, for either Division B events (Middle School) or Division C events (High School).  Don’t forget to check out the student-run Science Olympiad wiki.  Links to these and other valuable resources are in the footer below.

Michigan Science Olympiad will post additional event specific material here as it becomes available:

Protein Modeling articles
“Search-and-replace genome editing without double-strand breaks or donor DNA”
“Programmable editing of a target base in genomic DNA without double-stranded DNA cleavage”
“Potent peptidic fusion inhibitors of influenza virus”

Ornithology List (Only the National list will be used)