Register Your Team

Primary Team Registration: $235 ($300 – $65 discount for registering and paying by December 14th,  2018.)

Alternate Team Registration: $75

Payment options: PayPal , Credit Card, Check ($10 processing fee per check order!)

* The 2018-2019 registration period is June 1, 2018 to December 14, 2018. Registration will still be available after December 14th until the first Michigan Regional Tournament.

* All schools will register a Primary team. If more than 15 students from your school intend to compete at an invitational or regional tournament, you will want to also select and pay for an Alternate team registration. If you are not familiar with the opportunities available to Alternate team members in your Region, you should contact your Regional Director to learn more before registering an Alternate team.

To begin registration, search for your school name in the “Find Your School by Name” text box in the right hand menu. You can also search for your school in our inventory lists (bottom of page). Middle Schools are in Division B and High Schools are in Division C. You can shorten the available list by selecting your county. Please Contact Us if your school is not listed. If you are interested in opportunities for Elementary Schools (Division A), please visit our page about Elementary Science Olympiad in Michigan.

  1. If you are purchasing both a Primary and Alternate registration, add the Primary Team to the shopping cart first, and then select the Alternate Team type and separately add it to the Shopping Cart. (This year you can add multiple alternate teams to your cart if necessary. To add the second alternate team, one of the fields on the registration form should be different than the first alternate team.)
  2. When you are ready to pay (place your order), click the Check Out button on the right hand menu (Below your cart). You can also navigate to checkout by the menu: Registration > My Account > Check Out. Confirm the correct team(s) and quantity displays in your cart!
  3. You will be prompted to either login or create a new account if you do not already have one. If this is your first time registering on the website (new as of Fall 2015), you will most likely need to create a new account. You can use this account to log in, access resources, and make future registrations or purchases.
  4. IMPORTANT: You may pay with PayPal or you may choose payment by check and send it by post. We encourage you to pay through PayPal as there is no additional processing fee this year! Each order by check includes a $10 processing fee.
  5. You will receive an email notification that your registration status has changed from “on hold” to “completed” when we receive your payment. Please save the email for your records. Once your order is completed, your team(s) will be eligible to compete at Michigan sanctioned tournaments.

Caution: If you are sending a check, please make certain it has your school name and order number recorded on it, and that it is sent to the correct address. There is a $10 processing fee per check order, which will be added to your cart during checkout. Checks should be made payable to Michigan Science Olympiad. If we have to resolve these issues on our end, it will delay payment processing.
Mail checks to the following address:

Michigan Science Olympiad
P.O. Box 874
Warren, MI 48090

Science Olympiad Rules! 2019 Event rules have been made available online (PDF format) for FREE by the National Science Olympiad organization. Rules are available at