Invitational Tournaments

Division B

TBD Liberty Invitational, Liberty MS (Canton)
TBD Millington Invitational, Millington Jr. HS
TBD Great Lakes Invitational, L’Anse Creuse HS (Central)
TBD Hudson Tiger SO Invitational, Hudson MS
TBD Cobra Invitational, Birmingham Covington School
TBD WOSO Invitational, West Ottawa HS
TBD Ionia SO Invitational, Ionia HS
TBD Allendale Falcon SO Invitational, Allendale MS
TBD Holt SO Invitational, Holt HS

Division C

December 8, 2018 Portage Invitational, Portage Northern HS Register
TBD Eastside Invitational, Stevenson HS
TBD Haslett SO Invitational, Haslett HS
TBD Plymouth Canton Invitational, Salem HS
TBD WOSO Invitational, West Ottawa HS
TBD Eagle Invitational, Frankenmuth HS
TBD Ionia SO Invitational, Ionia HS
TBD UMSO Invitational, University of Michigan
TBD Allendale Falcon SO Invitational, Allendale MS

Practice Tournaments (aka “Invitationals”) in Divisions B and C are organized at various locations across Michigan, typically under the leadership of an individual team.  Teams which attend these tournaments are usually expected to contribute by being responsible for running an individual competitive event (e.g., Anatomy) or at least support another team who is in that role.  Attending teams should expect to pay a registration fee.

All Michigan invitational tournaments in Divisions B and C must be registered with the National Science Olympiad organization.  If you are interested in hosting an invitational tournament, please contact the State Director to receive further information.

All teams which compete at these tournaments must be registered with Michigan Science Olympiad, and have paid their annual registration fee, including Alternate teams (if more than 15 students from your school will compete, you have an Alternate team).  This registration is important to ensure that all students who participate are covered by the liability insurance which Science Olympiad provides.  These registration requirements are actively monitored, and Michigan Science Olympiad reserves the right to take disciplinary action against teams which violate this policy.