MiSO Board

The Michigan Science Olympiad Board is a group of dedicated volunteers, who believe in the importance of inspiring the next generation of scientists, doctors and engineers.  If you have an interest in helping Science Olympiad thrive in Michigan, please contact our President.

Current Board Members

  • Regina Zibuck, President
  • Julie Hein, Vice President
  • Eleanor Sheposh, Secretary
  • Annette Lozen, Treasurer
  • Sue West, Membership Director
  • Rob Halgren, MSU Site Coordinator
  • John Ogden, Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Kathy Agee
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Preston Frazier
  • Zach Garner
  • Cary Mannaberg
  • Harriett Moulder
  • Mike Reed
  • Leon Volk
  • Paul Voydanoff
  • Angelina Wynn
  • Diane Xu