Event Information

Welcome to the 2017 Science Olympiad.   The official list of competitive events has been announced!  See also the new  Code of Ethics & General Rules.

There are many resources available to help your event teams prepare.  A good place to start is the National Science Olympiad website, for either Division B events (Middle School) or Division C events (High School).  Don’t forget to check out the student-run Science Olympiad wiki.  Links to these and other valuable resources are in the footer below.

Michigan Science Olympiad will post additional event specific material here as it becomes available:

Scrambler (Div B) – Event Preparation

Source Code – 2017 Michigan B/C Trial Event
Developed by Michigan Science Olympiad, Source Code is a programming event that challenges students to solve problems by reading and writing code. This is an excellent opportunity for students to explore the vast field of computer science and learn skills that are currently used in many technology related industries.

Michigan Science Olympiad ran this trial event at the 2016 State Tournament and select 2016 Regional Tournaments. This event will be trialed again at the 2017 Michigan State Tournament. Contact your regional director to inquire if the event will be run in your region.

The 2017 trial events rules are available below (more resources will be posted as they become available) :

Source Code Event Rules 2017

Source Code Sample Event
Source Code Sample Event w/ Answers (.py)
Source Code How To Coach Tips (.pdf)
Source Code  How To Supervisor/Run Tips (.pdf)